Finding Ourselves – Breaking the Wall

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Mar 31, 2017
Finding Ourselves

Finding ourselves in a world intent on making us conform to its standards can be a tricky task.  It seems that for many of us, the only way to be who we are is to build a wall between us and those who won’t or cannot understand us.  The inherent irony of all of this is that we are also unwilling or unable to understand those who do the same to us.  We may fall into the tar pit of judging those who we perceive to be judging us.  I say this from personal experience.

We don’t need no education

Actually, we do.  Not the traditional sense of education but in the sense of compassion, community, life skills, etc.  I have no animosity towards teachers, as they more often than not, only want what is best for their students.  I have an issue with what is mandatory curriculum they are required to teach.  It isn’t that I don’t find some of this information useful but the majority of that knowledge is somewhat useless unless it is tempered with the ability to form a thought rather than regurgitate the required response. Another key ingredient missing from education is respect, self-confidence, how to act as an independent part of a group, how to respectfully disagree and emotional intelligence. We need to be taught the tools for finding ourselves.

We don’t need no thought control

Again, yep, we do. This too is also not in the traditional sense.  We need to learn to control our own thoughts. It has been said, the mind is a cruel master and a beautiful servant. The issue that plagues much of the modern world is the dominance of the ego, the need to irrationally feel superior, the apathy associated with convenience culture, the ignorance of seeing ourselves as separate from the whole of the world, and the blindness of recognizing our relationship to the planet.  We need to control our thoughts and become more conscious of our own actions. One of the reasons for our wall is we are afraid of finding ourselves. We should understand our anger, our hate, our judgment, our sadness are all internal.  We can take back our own power and stop freely giving it to situations.

All and all you’re just another brick in the wall

Yep, you are.  You are basically the biggest brick and the foundation of the wall that keeps you separated from the rest of the world, your joy, and your ultimate potential.  To some that may seem disheartening, frightening, and largely untrue.  Think of this from a structural standpoint and you can realize how powerful and beautiful being your own biggest barrier is.  If you remove the foundation from a wall, the rest of the wall falls over. So when you can remove the things that block you, and isolate you from everything else all of the other barriers topple.

Finding Ourselves Again

Where you are at today is fine, the walls we have all built around ourselves at some point or another did not get built in a day and may not be torn down that quickly either.  They can be dismantled slowly and we can persistently erode the things that separate us from the rest of the world.  It is ok to have your wall up as you rebuild strength, but I suggest slowly make “peep” holes in your wall.  Change your outlooks on situations, other people and yourself on a trial basis.  They say if nothing changes, nothing changes. Make little changes and see if you like the changes.  Growth occurs outside of our comfort zones and diversity is a healthy element for growth as well as for expanding our minds.  We can all find ourselves and then we can create ourselves and find who we are, who we want to be and who we will become.


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Ross is a self-described techno shamanic gutter poet who crafts and tinkers with back alley philosophy enriched by his initiation into the invisible mystery schools.  In simpler terms, Ross is a nomad of reality.

Sanctity of mind

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Mar 16, 2017
Sanctity of Mind

Our minds are our temples, our kingdoms and the mirrored filter that we see the world through.  How clean, tidy and open we keep our minds has a direct impact on how external reality manifests.  Outside circumstances need not sway us to the extent to which we allow them to. If our kingdoms and temples are spoiled or in ruins, worry not as we can consciously rebuild and renew them.  Sanctity of mind is paramount to peace.


The Kingdom of our mind

The thoughts we allow ourselves to entertain and the way we organize or disorganize our minds directly impacts many facets of our lives.  We can allow ourselves to be as miserable or happy as we desire and we can live in as much order or chaos as we want to.  The stability of our minds is relative to the amount of effort we put into fortifying them. While we may start with an internal kingdom fashioned from sticks and straw, the storms of life will cause us to be in a perpetual system of rebuilding.  While rebuilding is good, that energy can be utilized for expanding a sturdier mental domain.  With the sanctity of mind safely in the middle of an every expanding, sprawling kingdom, we are able to maintain inner peace, when something wicked this way comes.


A Passage From 365 Tao

“Every soul is inviolable,

Any thought can be private.

The deepest goal is to 

find sanctity’s source

The body may be ravaged and hacked to pieces, but the mind may never be invaded.  It is only when we permit others to influence us that our minds may be entered.  Evil may thrive on enslaving us physically, emotionally, or mentally, but it can do so only by deception.  That is why we must remember the sanctity of our own souls.”

From 365 Tao – Day 76

Inviting Evil

Our participation or lack of participation in outside and internal events directly invites evil to take hold in our minds.  It is akin to letting a thief into our spiritual storehouse.   When we have fashioned our mind in the appropriate way an invasion is impossible. It is only through conscious or subconscious invitation that we allow evil, misery, anger, greed, lust or any other foe to set up camp in our minds.  We are the gatekeepers through which we allow the world to enter our minds and we are responsible for the sanctity of mind we possess.  It is not the folly of those who seem to be the source of our misery nor an act of betrayal by a higher power.


Rebuilding our mind

If the sanctity of mind has been compromised and we have let our minds be pillaged, rest assured you can reacquire what has been taken and rebuild what has crumbled.  It may require an exceptional amount of internal effort but beauty and strength can be found in the reconstruction.  We now have a blank canvas to which we can craft more stability.  Before we begin to rebuild it’s best we that we evaluate where we were attacked from so we know where to place the best defenses.


Maintaining sanctity

To constantly be on guard is costly and tiresome so the ability to limit the potential for our own misery is essential.  We can do this through connection with our higher power and an understanding of their will.  This will also allow us to see that we have internal treasure no one can steal indefinitely,  they can only hoodwink us into thinking it so.  Another asset is a daily inventory. This allows us to see when we have allowed our sanctity of mind to be stolen.  It’s best to remember somethings are only strongest after they are at their weakest and somethings have to be lost before they are found.  With an open mind, love and connection to a higher power sanctity of mind can be found and maintained.


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Ross is a self-described techno shamanic gutter poet who crafts and tinkers with back alley philosophy enriched by his initiation into the invisible mystery schools.  In simpler terms, Ross is a nomad of reality.