Thanks for your interest in being a guest on the podcast.

Please book a 15-minute Pre-Interview at least a week prior to your interview so we can chat.
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After your Pre-Interview, we will determine what week you will be on and you can book an available time the aligns with your schedule.

Interview Questions

What are you grateful for?


What quotes do you feel most moved by? (2 or 3) & explain what they mean to you?


Explain who you are and what you do.


Did you feel like you were different than others as a child?



When did you first notice, in what instance?



What superpowers do you possess or what superpower would you want?.  


What circumstances do you feel shaped your life?


What positive lessons did you learn from your negative experiences?



What songs or bands have lyrics that most resonate with you the most at this moment?



What philosophy, spirituality or religion(s) do you find most align with your understanding? Please explain them as they apply to you.



What do you perceive as your life’s purpose?



What do you need to do to feel that you are working towards that goal?


If you had to describe your personal philosophy or condense your life experiences into a few words what would it be?


Who inspires you?


I like to close the show by putting things on the proverbial pyre.  Although I am almost certain you know what a pyre is, I’ll explain for anyone listening who doesn’t know.  A pyre is a funeral fire, the symbolism of the pyre on this show is burning away that which what we have carried and are releasing it back to the ether.  


I have asked my previous guests to end the show in their own fashion. You don’t have to but you are allowed the last word.